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What is Concierge Medicine?

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

American healthcare has hit a crisis point of sorts: patients are spending too much money for too little time with their doctors. Today, the average MD spends just 15 minutes per patient appointment⁠—regardless of age or medical history.

Concierge medicine is one way that healthcare innovators are trying to solve this problem. Essentially, concierge medicine upends the traditional American medical care model by allowing unrestricted access to a doctor for a flat monthly or yearly fee.

These days, concierge medicine can take a variety of forms, from the re-emergence of home visits to cutting-edge technology like telemedicine. Telemedicine can be a game-changer, especially for rural patients who may have to drive long distances to the doctor; for the same reason, telemedicine is also great for people with mobility limitations, stay-at-home parents, etc. Additionally, studies have shown that medical practices that have adapted telemedicine for their patients are seeing similar outcomes as “in-person” visits.

Regardless of how it is accessed, the popularity of concierge care is increasing for a variety of reasons. For one thing, patients find it nice to have longer interactions with a provider that is familiar with their medical history and has time to answer questions or discuss treatment options in-depth, without feeling rushed.

Concierge medicine can also be surprisingly affordable, especially for patients with high deductibles. Being able to freely access professional advice is another appealing part of concierge medicine; especially for providers that also use telehealth services, concierge care means that a patient can chat with a medical professional at any time from the comfort of home.

Emerging studies suggest that concierge medicine has the same or better outcomes than the traditional 15-minute-appointment model of medical care. One thing has certainly gotten measurably better for patients who choose concierge medicine: their satisfaction with the level of care has been consistently rated as higher.

At the end of the day, concierge medicine is a streamlined way for patients to see healthcare providers, with the biggest difference being the amount of time and access patients get to their doctors. This is especially true for those clinics that have chosen to add innovative solutions like telemedicine to their services. Simply put, concierge care brings convenience and the peace of mind that comes with easier and more personalized access to medical providers.

Concierge Medicine and Telehealth

Rainey Day Doc is a concierge medicine telehealth service that focuses on getting patients back to the things they love sooner. We offer affordable virtual visits and electronic subscribing to a pharmacy near you. We also partner with independent pharmacies that offer mobile delivery services, so you truly don’t have to leave your home. Stay in bed, see the doc and stay in bed to get the rest you deserve. Giving time back to patients, that is what we consider to be truly innovative.

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