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Telemedicine is the Future and the Future is Here

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Have you undergone a sudden health issue with no access to a doctor for immediate advice? Have you suffered from long queues at your doctor’s office or urgent care clinics? Have you faced a problem with your health insurance coverage before? With telemedicine, all the previous problems are almost solved without the need for special coverage.

If technology had made lots of things easy, it made the communications channels and access easier at the tip of your fingers with your handheld gadgets to safeguard your family and money. Now, you can get medical advice miles away from the doctor without waiting for a long time to get the ques of patients at a clinical visit. It’s time to revolutionize your way of receiving health support and medical advice through telemedicine.

Telemedicine is the Future
Telemedicine is the Future

There are countless benefits of telemedicine:

Save yourself the hassle of transportation time & costs:

Seeing your doctor through a virtual visit makes it less costly, as you do not need to drive your car, get an uber to reach the doctor or pay high parking fees. After this, you will wait for your turn, or maybe get late and lose your appointment because of the traffic jam that could possibly delay you. When you have a virtual visit with your doctor, you save leisure time or work time, gasoline, and the headache of traffic.

No Nanny, No problem!

Many parents do not have the luxury of leaving their kids or even elder adults who they look after to visit the doctor. Adding to this, the telemedicine will help you immediately seek help for your little ones or elder adult who suffer from a health issue when it is hard to get to the doctor with them. Imagine having your toddler baby fevered, and it will be worse to get him out to wait for a doctor to see him. Also, maybe your older parent or relative cannot walk away from the apartment, and the doctor help is urgently needed. Happily, telemedicine resolves this encounter by permitting you to chat with your doctor while safeguarding your family responsibilities and helping their wellbeing.

On-demand 24/7 options:

The absolute benefit of telemedical services is its availability almost anytime all days. Therefore, accessing telemedicine is like having your own affordable health care system. Adding to this, you could see your a doctor through a HIPPA compliant video call or messaging on Rainey Day Doc.

Variety of Doctors’ specialties:

There are lots of specialties available to help you not only seek general advice, but a detailed care from a specialist when needed. At Rainey Day Doc you can schedule a visit now and receive service at your convenience with affordable cost.

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