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Together we can give your employees access to quality, affordable medical care.

Provide Your Employees Quality Healthcare

Do you have 5 or more employees?

Now you can provide access to quality and affordable healthcare for your employees with no co-pays!

Business/Employee Access

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Can RDD help me reduce absenteeism?

With access to a virtual doctor, employees no longer have to call out of work due to sickness and lose an entire day to visit a physician. Using RDD will allow the patient to get the care they need as soon as possible allowing them to return to work quicker.

Is RDD secure?

Yes. We are 100% HIPAA security-compliant.

Am I under contract?

We have an agreement offering details and benefits of our services. The agreement can be cancelled with 60 day written notice.

How can RDD help recruit and retain qualified workers?

Now you can afford to provide your employees with immediate and convenient access to high-quality health care. It’s an important benefit in today’s job market, where employers are increasingly reporting difficulty finding and keeping good workers.

How does Telehealth work?

Virtual healthcare is here. Get access to a health care provider — online, with no insurance forms, hassle or paperwork. Just quality and convenience at an affordable rate.
Your virtual doctor can write prescriptions, request imaging and request lab work just like a traditional doctor.

At Rainey Day Doc, we believe today’s world demands fast healing. That’s why we’ve developed a telemedicine service that uses video to connect patients to an affiliated physician or nurse practitioner for immediate diagnosis and prescription retrieval with overnight shipping, same-day delivery, and pickup options thanks to our pharmacy partnerships. Through our dedication to ensuring wider access to treatment and our passion for helping the sick get better, we remain committed to achieving our vision of bringing quick, helpful medical care to patients across the country.


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