Rainey Day Doc was born out of a strong desire to connect reliable healthcare providers with patients in the comfort of their own home. We want you to make a fast recovery while experiencing the privacy and security that comes with a personal doctor’s visit. Our affiliated services provide you with more time to heal so you can get back to business, school, that family picnic, or those game-day tickets. Get back to the things you love and let us gift you the most precious thing on earth – time.


With our platform, licensed physicians are always available to speak with you. Take us to work, or to the park. We’ll even be there for you when you roll over in bed in the morning. By starting in Texas, we’re building relationships with area doctors and pharmacies to bring local communities the trusted service they deserve. With plans of rolling out to Louisiana, Georgia,  and California, we look forward to our growth and aim to meet the demands of the wider public.


Whether you live in an area with limited treatment options for reliable medical care, or if you simply struggle to carve out the time needed for a doctor’s appointment, Rainey Day Doc has a solution. Every day, we look for new ways of helping our patients access the health they deserve.


At Rainey Day Doc, we believe today’s world demands fast healing. That’s why we’ve developed a  telemedicine service that uses video to connect patients to an affiliated physician or nurse practitioner for immediate diagnosis and prescription retrieval with overnight shipping, same-day delivery and pickup options thanks to our pharmacy partnerships. Through our dedication to ensuring wider access to treatment and our passion for helping the sick get better, we remain committed to achieving our vision of bringing quick, helpful medical care to patients across the country. 


Bringing quick access to healthcare to patients across the country.



At the center of everything we do is transparency. You’ll feel confident
understanding our process

We connect patients to providers with an easy to use mobile platform. 


By focusing our efforts on the communities that need us the most, we’re able to build lasting relationships and encourage individuals to thrive.


Our service is a win-win for patients and doctors. Quick video meetings mean more time not less.


When it comes to your health, we value fast results. Our service means you can spend more time healing successfully and less time wondering how.